About me!

Quick general info

↘This is me!!!↙

I am Astral/Jea pick whichever name you like for me more!
I am a cat irl! (trust me, just look at my picture! it even says it above it!)
I am a 18 year old trans girlShe/Her/they that lives in the Netherlands
I am from a city called Spijkenisse, a city near Rotterdam.

More about me!

I am really fascinated by computers and tech, but I actually don't know that much about them. I wish to get more knowledge about computers and tech, but I'm too lazy to learn.
I am also very interested in programming, almost all my programming knowledge is self thought and little bits from school. That probably also explains why all my code is so bad and janky.
I live by "Code doesn't work, don't know why. Do some random things, code works still don't know why."

I if you have taken a look around my website you will probably see that it has a unique style, this is because I think modern websites almost all look the same boring way. I like to spice up my site with all sorts of silly and funny gifs and images!
This really stems from discovering all the archived GeoCities pages on the WayBackMachine. I really fell in love with how those websites looked, and as you can see, they inspired my own website!
Looking at GeoCities websites makes me nostalgic, even though I had never even heard of them when they were around. Because they shut down before I even had any device to surf the internet. It's like nostalgia for a past I have never had, and it is a weird feeling to be honest.
This nostalgic feeling also extends to VaporWave and RetroWave images, gifs and other media. They make me feel like a past I have never had and a future I will never have.

Traveling and collecting pins

I love to travel as well, I have mostly traveled within Europe. The only times I have been outside of Europe is when I went to Aruba with my grandma.
Since my summer vacation in 2022 I have been collecting pins of each country I have visited. In my collection are 10 pins total of which 7 are from different countries.
My pin collection started in Denmark, where I visited a tourist shop and thought "You know what? from now on I'm going to try to get a pin in each country I visit."


Animals are so silly, funny and amazing!! I really love animals. My favorite animals are cats and cows!
I have a cat myself, he is my special boy and I love him very much! and he loves me too!
Have these magnificent picture of him!