My projects!

This is the website you are currently on! I made it because I really love old-looking websites and wanted to make my own, and to get to practice some css and html !

You can view the of my website source on Github!
I am always working on my site, adding new things, creating things, so there will probably always be something on here!!

My projects page!

Welcome to the page where I will display all my current and past projects! (wether good or not)

Cohost cat bot!

This is a little bot I cooked up in a random burst of motivation, that posts random pictures of cats that I have collected on Cohost.

The code isn't on github anything right now, because:

  1. It has my account cookie in it.
  2. The code is nothing special really.

Yuna Discord Bot

This is a (very poorly made) Discord bot I made just to keep up my python programming skills.
I don't recommend using it, because it uses some old version of and I never bothered to update it.

You can find the code on Github as well.
I might do a rewrite in the future using the latest version of, who knows...

80x15 Buttons

These are silly buttons I make that are 80 by 15 pixels wide, also referred to as antipixel buttons. You can find them all on Github

Preview :3

Minecraft Fandom Wiki redirect userscript

After watching PhoenixSC's video about the Minecraft fandom wiki, I decided to make a simple Tampermonkey userscript to redirect you from any article on the wiki to the article on
This assumes that the path to the article on is the same as on the fandom wiki.

You can find the code on Github or as a Gist I personally use Tampermonkey, but it should work on similar extensions (maybe? idk tbh lol).