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Noita is a roguelite where you are a silly little purple witch called Minä. You wake up in front of a mysterious cave with two wands and a flask.

Your only option is to explore this cave, enter the mines and explore.

Noita is on of the best games coming out of the beautiful country of Finland! The game is as far as I know mostly based on Finnish folklore.

This game is incredibly hard for new players, but I think that is what adds to the Noitatm experience.
It made my first actual win so much more satisfying.

Because Noita is a roguelite every time you die you lose everything, your wands you meticulously tinkered to perfection, you perks, all your collected hp , all your flasks and other items.
After which you start at the entrance of the cave again, And believe me when I say you will be finding the entrance to the cave often.
This is because the only permanent upgrade is your knowledge about Noita.

You will painfully gather this knowledge your self, because in Noita you are you biggest enemy.
Most of the time you will die to your own stupidity, taking a sip of the silly potion (acid) you received at the start, your own experimental new "Super Wand" , Which instead of wiping out all the enemies causes you to explode, get cut in half or otherwise obliterated.
But now at least you now know not to do that.


To me the most fun part of Noita is the wand tinkering.
You start out the game with just two basic wands, but while exploring the first area "Mines" you will quickly find some more wands.
Once you feel like you have terrorized the local Finnish wild life enough and collected enough gold, wands, flasks and other items, You can leave the Mines via a portal to the Holy Mountain at the bottom.

Now this is where the fun begins!
Because this is where you can edit or better said tinker with you wands!
Here you can make your wand even better! If you know what spells work together of course But you will probably find out eventually yourself :3 (After dying to your own wands a whole lot of times of course)
Once you have made you "Magic wand" No not that one. sufficiently powerful enough can leave the Holy Mountain to the right, picking up a perk along the way.

Last tip

if you really want to get into the game I would recommend going in blind for the first couple of runs.
but also definitely check some YouTube videos out to increase your knowledge without Torturing yourself. Because you can not figure everything out on you own.

Tools I use Sometimes

The Noita Wiki:

Noitool: (If i'm feeling extra cheaty)